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How to Change PTCL Wifi Password and Name With Pics 2018

Change PTCL Wifi Password

Are you looking for the working method to change your wifi password and name? Congratulations you are at right place.
In this post, I will tell you that how you can change your PTCL wifi password and name in simple and easy steps which is easy for everyone to follow. This method is very helpful to those who are the beginners and never have changed their password before. But due to some issue, they thought that they should change their password. My post is a detailed guide and I hope that you will find it helpful.
So without wasting any more time lets get started.

Change PTCL Wifi Password and Name

Following are the few steps you have to follow to change your PTCL password and name.


First of all search in google for “check my IP”. You will find your public IP address which is something like 00:11:22:33 etc.

Change PTCL Wifi Password


Open a new tab in your browser and copy paste that IP address you obtained from step 1 into your browser address bar and Hit Enter Key from the keyboard.

Change PTCL Wifi Password



Now it will ask you for your PTCL username and password.

All old PTCL routers have the following username and password:

Username: admin

Password:  admin

or try the following:

Username: ptcl

Password:  ptcl

Change PTCL Wifi Password

If you have a newer router then it may have different username and password combination. 

In order to find your username and password, you have to get access to your router. It is written on the bottom side of your router. Find that form the bottom of your router and put it in the username and password field and hit Enter.


Now you will see a PTCL router homepage.

Change PTCL Wifi Password



Change PTCL Wifi Password

In order to change the default wifi password Click on the Wireless option and then select Security option from the left sidebar.


Change PTCL Wifi Password

Now in order to change the router default username from PTCL-BB to anything else.

Click on the Wireless option and then Select Basic from the left sidebar. Now at the screen, you will see SSID option now replace the old (PTCL-BB) name by the new name you want and then hit Apply/Save.

Now router will automatically restart and you will see that the default username is changed.

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Now you will see the default password written on the screen. Replace that old password with your new desired password and press enter key. You are done.

The router will reboot automatically within 2 mins and now you have to re-enter your password to reconnect with your router.

This is all. If you face any difficulty in changing your wifi password simply tell us in the comments so that we may be able to help you in this aspect.